Don't Let COVID Steal This Christmas!

Don't Let COVID Steal This Christmas!

We believed, or at least hoped to celebrate holiday season as close as possible to "old normal". Unfortunately, once again COVID-19 pandemic changed all plans. In the last few weeks Croatia had big surge of both new cases and even deaths, which made our government to come up with new, strict set of anti-pandemic measures. Most of them will interfere with upcoming holidays, including Advent in Split which will cancel most of planned activities and events, we'll keep you posted about everything.

So, what this new package brought? It still can't be called lockdown, at least not as tight as we had in Spring. All new measures start from this Saturday, and will last at least till December 21, just a few days before Christmas. Extension depends on epidemiology situation till then. Here are all measures, full list, with some already in power. For more credible and official informations, follow Official Coronavirus page.

  • - All events and gatherings with more than 25 people are banned, and must be finished till 10 pm;
  • - Not more that ten people can attend private gatherings;
  • - Facemasks are mandatory indoor, and outdoor when it's not possible to maintain distance bigger than 1.5 meters;
  • - All weddings are banned;
  • - Not more than 25 people can attend funerals, condolences must be expressed without physical contact;
  • - All inside parts in residential buildings must be regularly disinfected and air flow secured;
  • - Not more than 40 per cent of seats in public transportation can be occupied, facemasks are mandatory;
  • - Shops and shopping malls stay open, but with limited number of customers, regular hygiene, disinfection and fresh air flow. All stores must display a warning of maximum number of customers allowed;
  • - Bakeries and stores selling bread and pastry products can't work longer then 10 pm;
  • - All fairs, including Advent fairs, are cancelled;
  • - All restaurants, bars, cafés and similar establishments will be closed, except in hotels and camps which will stay open for their guests. Hotels remain open;
  • - Restaurants can prepare food only for deliveries, or take-outs;
  • - Sports events are cancelled, except higher ranked competitions;
  • - All gyms and fitness centres will be closed, as well as casinos, betting shops, etc.;
  • - All choir events and rehearsals, are cancelled, including those in churches and more complex stage acts like operas, musicals, etc. Same goes with folklore and other non-professional organizations;
  • - All dance schools and playrooms for children are closed;
  • - Only limited number of people can attend events in cinemas, theatres and concerts;
  • - Only online lectures for foreign language schools and theoretical lessons in driving schools are allowed;
  • - Not more than 25 people can attend masses in churches and other places of worship;
  • - People with symptoms are not allowed in working spaces. Whenever is possible, work from home and/or work in shifts and smaller groups must be introduced. Air in working spaces must be freshened regularly;
  • - Implementation of all measures will be under regular inspections, with possible fines threatened.

From our part, same as always: be careful, think about your health and safety, but also think of others. Wear a mask, keep a distance. Stay safe, and don't let COVID steal the Christmas!