Ivica Profaca

Ivica Profaca is a journalist with decades of experience, and strong connection with Split, city where he was born, and where and with which he still lives. With this series of blogs he shows Split as he see it, and as he would like you to see it. Contact writer via: iprofaca@gmail.com
  • Saint Nicholas: Joy for Children, Comfort for Seamen

    Just like any other part of Christian world by the sea, Split and Dalmatia worship Saint Nicholas as a patron saint of seamen, passengers, but among others also of children. In the old days, children in Split were awaiting for Saint Lucia Day with much bigger expectations, she was the one bringing gifts ahead of Christmas. Still, Saint Nicholas is important part of faith and spirit in Dalmatia. After all, there are churches dedicated to this saint everywhere, including two small ones in Split. ... More

  • Don't Let COVID Steal This Christmas!

    We believed, or at least hoped to celebrate holiday season as close as possible to "old normal". Unfortunately, once again COVID-19 pandemic changed all plans. In the last few weeks Croatia had big surge of both new cases and even deaths, which made our government to come up with new, strict set of anti-pandemic measures. Most of them will interfere with upcoming holidays, including Advent in Split which will cancel most of planned activities and events, we'll keep you posted about ... More

  • Remember Vukovar

    This date, November 18, is a day when Croatia stops. It's a day when whole nation remembers one of the worst war crimes committed in Europe after the Second World War, fall of Vukovar in 1991. This town in Eastern Croatia was under siege for months, suffering horrible attacks by Serbian paramilitary and former Yugoslav Army. It was almost completely destroyed, hundreds of civilians and defenders were killed, thousands expelled from their homes. Battle of Vukovar became a symbol of Croatian ... More

  • Diocletian's Palace via Korea to the Whole World

    It's always good to take part in some international project, especially when you can find some mutual points with those who start such projects. With that in mind, it was impossible for me to refuse Tourist Board Split's offer to participate in See Together Challenge. Reasons are simple: as a tour guide and in love with my hometown, it's great to have an opportunity to promote it. Second, as a dedicated UNESCO World Heritage List fan, I was delighted to let people learn about Diocletian's ... More

  • Enjoy Films by the Sea and on the Mountain

    Here I am again, for the 100th time on Split Personality Blog, and hoping for many, many more! Little by little, Split turns into a city of film festivals, even this year when many events of that kind were cancelled or postponed. In July, we enjoyed Mediterranean Film Festival, which was originally scheduled in its usual early June. Following all epidemiology guidelines, open air cinema Bačvice hosted films from around the Mediterranean, but also Latin America as a separate program. In the ... More

  • What Prophet Muhammad Has To Do With Franciscan Monastery?

    When speaking of heritage in Split, first idea is usually ancient Rome and Emperor Diocletian. The second one is Christianity, with Split being one of the centres of faith in Croatia. However, influences on that heritage are various, sometime with strange twists. It's enough to see Egyptian sphinxes scattered in public spaces and museums, or traces of thousands of years of Jewish presence in this area. Some of those signs of different influences are in the same time among those hidden gems ... More

  • #SplitForKids: Play and Learn about Split

    Tourism is back in Croatia, and Split, with re-opening of borders, and in spite of sudden increase of new COVID-19 cases pretty much everywhere. It's very, very far away from visits we got used to in previous years, but even short walk around Split gives an impression of season. What can we offer to them, to let them have vacation as close as possible to some earlier, normal times? Here is a product Tourist Board of Split has for families with children arriving to our town - a tourist map of ... More

  • COVID-19: New Restrictions Arrived

    It was so great to write few previous updates on COVID-19 situation in Croatia, but things change fast this year. Too fast. And in direction we don't want. Numbers in Croatia are still among the lowest in EU, but can and probably will grow. You can follow all stats at official national COVID-19 page. Obviously, re-opening brought some unwanted side effects. I don't want to put blame on ordinary people, but it's a fact that people don't wear face masks. It was never mandatory, just a ... More

  • COVID Update: Split Getting Closer

    As previously announced, June 15 was supposed to be sort of a D-Day for borders opening in Europe, including Croatia. Excellent epidemiology situation in Croatia, with only a handful of new cases in the last seven days, and only seven patients still in hospitals, definitely is encouraging for everyone who wants to visit Croatia. However, there are European countries where COVID-19 is still active, in some cases very active. That's why National Civil Protection Headquarter extended the current ... More