#SplitForKids: Play and Learn about Split

#SplitForKids: Play and Learn about Split

Tourism is back in Croatia, and Split, with re-opening of borders, and in spite of sudden increase of new COVID-19 cases pretty much everywhere. It's very, very far away from visits we got used to in previous years, but even short walk around Split gives an impression of season. What can we offer to them, to let them have vacation as close as possible to some earlier, normal times? Here is a product Tourist Board of Split has for families with children arriving to our town - a tourist map of Split, especially its historical centre aiming to that population of visitors.

As we all know, and keep telling our visitors, 1,700 years old Diocletian's Palace is not a museum, it's the heart of Split, open to everyone. It's easy to make children enjoy our beaches, but why not let them learn about rich history of Split in a way suitable for children? That was exactly intention of the Tourist Board of Split, and I'm proud to be a part of that project with my experience from showing Split to families with kids. We wanted to offer something completely new to children; content which can make children interested in history, and to let them find other ways to spend time in Split, besides beach fun.

This map is available in all TB's Tourist Information Centres, in Croatian and English. It includes locations of cultural institutions suitable for kids, like museums and theatres, but also other different content - sport facilities, playgrounds, spaces for outdoor activities, workshops, beaches, etc. That also includes map of Marjan Forest Park, with its paths for biking, hiking, walking or swimming spots. On the map's opposite side you can see historical city centre with Diocletian's Palace. Short, simple texts describe the city's most important landmarks; Basement Halls, Peristyle, Palace Gates, Bishop Gregory's statue, Sphinxes, markings hidden on old town's walls, and many more. Following directions, any child will be able to solve simple tasks to make stroll around the Palace even more fun. Slogan chosen for the map, Play and Learn About Diocletian's Palace, speaks for itself. The only limit is you imagination, and wish to enjoy. Due to COVID-19, Diocletian's Palace's Basement Halls are open on working days from 9 am to 1 pm, and closed on Sundays.

So, dear guests, your "job" is to have fun and learn. Also, take pictures, and post it on social media with hash tag #SplitForKids. That way you will help us spread a word about Split, showing how Split is children friendly. And, of course, that way you will become friends with Split, too.

And don't forget: stay safe, in interest of all of us.