COVID Update: Split Getting Closer

COVID Update: Split Getting Closer

As previously announced, June 15 was supposed to be sort of a D-Day for borders opening in Europe, including Croatia. Excellent epidemiology situation in Croatia, with only a handful of new cases in the last seven days, and only seven patients still in hospitals, definitely is encouraging for everyone who wants to visit Croatia. However, there are European countries where COVID-19 is still active, in some cases very active. That's why National Civil Protection Headquarter extended the current regime till the end of June. We can describe that regime the easiest as "open borders, with precaution".

So, what does it mean? Just like before, there are no limitations in visits from ten countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia and Germany). Their citizens can enter Croatia just showing their ID. Other EU/EEA citizens can come to Croatia, but they must have a proof of reasons why they arrived. That means they must have confirmed accommodation, or to have a proof they own a property or boat in Croatia, or that they have personal reasons - funerals, sickness, etc. Of course, there are some limitations imposed by other countries, for example two weeks quarantine when entering back United Kingdom, or borders in Spain still closed. Maybe there should be more strict controls in Croatia, too? Arrivals from non-EU/EEA countries, especially those more distant like USA or Australia, depend of transit countries' rules.

For future development it's important to follow official sources. Croatian Ministry of Interior Affairs has its Q&A web site. Also, ever since borders were partly open, it's possible to fill the online form  to speed up borders procedures. Important information on epidemiology situation and measures can also be found at Croatian Institute for Public Health, and official Corona Virus page. Some media outlets follow all those sources, and offer daily update in different languages, like Total Croatia News.

Arrivals rules still mostly land transport, with private cars, public buses and trains. Cruise ships still don't sail, and probably won't this year, but all local ferries and catamaran boats sail from Split to islands. International ferries from Ancona, Italy to Split are still on hold, probably till June 26. Air traffic slowly opens, with day-by-day new information. Due to lack of passengers, there are cancelations, but international traffic to Split Airport is opening. It's far from 2019 traffic, but next weekend will be the first one with bigger numbers of flights and passengers. As reported by media, the biggest news is WizzAir's opening of flights from London, but there are also flights by Croatia Airlines, Eurowings, and some other airlines. Late June and July will bring even stronger return, with announcements from Croatia Airlines, Easy Jet, KLM, Air France, etc. It's also possible to fly to Split via Zagreb from different airports in Europe.

At the home front, there are more and more hotels re-opening in Split area, and private accommodation is also available. Same goes with restaurants and bars, they have to follow directions made by health authorities, but they are getting softer almost on a daily basis. Even day trips are now possible, but you will need to search for info in agencies offering excursions and tours. Some online experience platforms also re-opened their operation in Croatia, for example AirBnB Experience. No wonder that we can see more and more visitors on our streets. It's far, far below usual seasons, but you can trust me when I say that it has a lot of advantages, once when you arrive. If you don't like big crowds, now is a time to enjoy Split same way we do. Let's be #TogetherInSplit.