COVID-19: Travel to Split Getting Easier

COVID-19: Travel to Split Getting Easier

Is there a tourism in Croatia this season? Well, if you have walked around Split these days, you could probably see or hear first early birds, mostly arriving by car. They are still rare, far from anything we had in previous years as one of the most attractive destinations in Croatia. Officially, some 10-15 thousand foreign citizens entered Croatia since border regime softened. However, situation with border openings and travel regulations is changing almost on a daily basis. It's moving. It has to, with excellent current situation in Croatia, counting only four new cases in the last seven days.

Two days ago, first international flights arrived to Split airport, Croatia Airlines and Condor Airlines re-opened their flights from Frankfurt, others are hopefully coming, sooner or later. We will still have to wait for Easy Jet, the airline with the most flights to and from Split. They announced restart of their operations mid-June, but Croatia is on hold at least till July.

On the other hand, administrative conditions are getting easier and easier, with new decisions made by health and political authorities. The latest one is opening Croatian borders without any obstacles for citizens of ten EU countries with positive trending epidemiology conditions. It means that citizens of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, and Germany now can enter Croatia without having COVID-19 test, and without quarantine or self-isolation requirement. Even requirement of having accommodation booked is now lifted. Of course, they will still be under epidemiology control, they need to leave their contacts, and have to obey general recommendations made by Croatian Institute for Public Health. The best way to learn about all recommendations and rules, including those that might change in close future, is to follow official web site Coronavirus, available in Croatian and English. To change language, click on link in upper right corner.

Further, entry procedure is now easier, too. Experiences published in different media outlets say that waiting on a border is getting shorter. To make it even faster, any traveller can fill out online entry form at official border control page.

Expanding of this list of countries depends on how situation with COVID-19 will change in different nations. One of next steps might be opening borders to non-EU countries surrounding Croatia, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro where epidemic is mostly contained, with numbers similar to those in Croatia. However, EU earlier decided not to open its borders to non-EU countries before June 15. Serbia is still on hold, because they still have much bigger number of new cases than Croatia. Those three countries re-opened their borders to Croatia, but it still doesn't mean their citizens can travel to Croatia. Also, it's still very early to expect opening to citizens of more distant countries with COVID-19 still very active, for example USA. With similar restrictions between those countries and the rest of EU, it's hard even to think of traveling.

Regime softening also includes much easier visits to bars and restaurants, and even small events are allowed, as well as night clubs. Unfortunately, big events are still impossible, that's why even Ultra Europe was cancelled for 2020.

Split is waiting for all of you who still plan to travel this year. Let's enjoy #togetherinSplit.