Seaside Winter Joy

Seaside Winter Joy

Winter mood and joy were never exactly the first association when you mention Split. You know, classics - snow, sleds, family gathering around a fireplace, horse carriage, etc. We do have winter in Split, of course, but take a look what does it look like these days, and judge for yourself. For example, on November 29 at Bačvice beach, but also on Marjan hill or elsewhere people were jumping around in the sea, or at least having great time by the sea. There is just a step to images we usually see from the Southern Hemisphere.

Naturally, not every year is like this, nor an entire winter will be as warm as cosy. However, whatever the weather we have, Advent in Split is here. From December 1 to January 10 Split will have its own version of winter joy. It's not like we are craving for snow, because the whole thing about Advent in Split is to get out to streets and squares. No hiding in warm places, we are looking for warmth in people.

It does sound a little bit tacky, but if we remind what was it like in previous years, than it's just that. For the whole 40 days Split will live where it feels the best - on its open spaces.

The main jackpot is Christmas Fair at Riva, our waterfront promenade. For the last few years, its white cottages were the centre of winter social life in Split. Find a daylong fun, souvenirs, food, drinks at Adventilation or 7 Cottages at Marmontova Street. This year, the Fair premieres its new location at one of the most beautiful city squares with Advent at Prokurative. There will be daily concerts, DJ parties, children programs, charity events, all the way to a New Year celebration. This year, main performers will be highly awarded and acclaimed Croatian artists TBF, Psihomodo Pop, Sara Renar and DJ Pero Fullhouse.

The last year's memories also will attract us to Advent at Piazza, with excellent gastronomy offer in the main city square's restaurants. Also, there will be day-to-day parties, mostly for nostalgia-driven music lovers.

And this is just a part. Spaladium Arena will host a big skating rink, there is traditional Gastroadvent, and Croatian National Theatre brings its Christmas and New Year's Concerts, among other productions. Thanks to Advent, the whole city centre will be brought back to life like in the middle of the summer season, only in coats. Or, to go back to the beginning of our story; yes, there are winter joys in Split, but you will need sunglasses for them.