Release Brakes, It's Carnival!

Release Brakes, It's Carnival!

It's a Carnival time! Go out to streets, alleys and squares, put your mask on face and act crazy for that one day! And have fun, of course.

This Saturday, as we know, a 10-days Carnival fest in Split begins. It's a continuity of tradition that is inseparable part of Split identity for centuries. When Carnival flag got raised on a city pole at the main square, all the brakes will be gone, and Split will prove how much it love insanities of all kind. Of course, we are thinking on those benign lunacies aiming to release daily pressure.

Carnivals in Split were always completely different than anywhere else, not only in Croatia, but even beyond. Don't come here and look for neat and trained parades of masked groups. Completely according to Split's spirit, its carnival is anarchic, subversive, and almost wild. Maybe that's why it wasn't always well accepted by the officials. My friend Damir Šarac wrote today in Slobodna Dalmacija that bishop Stjepan Cosmi banned his priests to participate in carnival, all the way back in 1688. Not to mention treatment during communist rule. Disorder is usually a flaw, except when it comes to Split Carnival. This is exactly the reason why all attempts to tame it, and put it into decency frame ingloriously flopped. This is just as it is, and enjoy it that way. After all, isn't Mardi Gras in New Orleans the same, out of all moulds?

And when Fat Tuesday comes, become a part of Split tradition; join Cukuni, those keepers of the city's carnival spirit (pron. Tsoockoonni). It doesn't matter if your mask will one of those off the shelf, or you will use your imagination to make it, nor if it will be just a simple wig or you will participate in some kind of collective craze with a bunch of friends. What does matter is to open all valves for that one day, and have a closure of all your everyday troubles. All of them will disappear in a flame of a bonfire that will destroy Krnje (ritual character, pron. Kerhnyeh), sentenced to be guilty for all the bad things that happened to you, your city, and society.

What is scheduled for this year's Carnival? Check here.