Location: Gripe Concert Hall

Date: May 25, 2024

Punk-rock experience of the year in the form of fantastic performances by the renowned band kicks off on April 12th at the School Sports Hall Mladost in Karlovac. Then, on May 25th, there will be a show in Split at the Gripe Sports Center, while the people of Rijeka will enjoy the popular hits of well-known rockers on June 14th at the Zamet Center - Hall. The tour will also hit the Zagreb station, where the band will hold a grand concert in the Arena Zagreb on October 12th!

Psihomodo Pop has been writing pages of history in the Croatian punk-rock scene since 1983. They have built their musical expression on solid post-punk rock foundations, and from the very beginning, a defining characteristic for them has been crucial.

They are fierce, their performances are authentic, compelling, and can be compared to the pinnacle of world rock such as The Rolling Stones, Ramones, Iggy Pop... What sets them apart is their uncompromising approach to musical and stage expression. Psihomodo Pop is proof that rock 'n' roll is not just music but also a way of life!

At the end of 1988, their first album "Godina Zmaja" was released, placing them among the leading groups in the rock scene at that time, a position they firmly hold to this day. The hit "Ja Volim Samo Sebe" was born from that album, becoming synonymous with a timeless rock song!

On their debut album, they released hits like "Frida," "Ramona," "Nebo," "Kad Sam Imao 16," "Telegram Sam." After that, a series of albums followed, giving birth to well-known tracks such as "Osjećam se Haj," "Natrag u Garažu," and many others.

In 2001, the album "Debakl" won the Porin award for the best rock album. In 2019, the band released the album "Digitalno nebo," for which they received a Porin for the best Rock music album. Despite the pandemic, from 2020 to 2023, the band completed two excellent tours with over 150 concerts. In 2023, releases are planned, including four unreleased live albums, a new studio album, a documentary film directed by Radislav Jovanov - Gonza, a monograph about Psihomodo Pop, all commemorating 40 years of continuous musical activity by the legendary punk-rock band.

Four years after the award-winning and acclaimed album "Digitalno nebo," Psihomodo Pop announced a new studio album, "Vjerujem u čuda," with the single "Dižeš me." The album is set to be released this year and is also the title of a major tour across Croatia. Gobac stated, "I think we have the best-recorded album in our career" regarding the new album.

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