Location: Cellars / Substructures of Diocletian's Palace (March 20 - 26, 2024) / Riva & Fruit Square (March 16 - 26, 2024)


47th EDITION OF THE FLOWER FESTIVAL NAMED "MARULIĆEV CVIT - SPLIT" is an event organized by the Association of Craftsmen Split, taking place from March 16th to March 26th at multiple locations.


This is an international event that will be held at various city locations this year. The first day of spring, March 20th, is reserved for the opening of the central part of the event, which will take place in the Diocletian's Palace Cellars until March 26th. As a prelude to the rich program in the Cellars, citizens can visit the 'handmade' fair on the Riva and Voćni trg starting from March 16th, which will be open until March 24th.

In commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the death of Marko Marulić, a representative of European humanism and the Renaissance, the year 2024 is celebrated as his year. In the year of the father of Croatian literature, who indisputably indebted Split, rightfully known as Marulićev cvit, the Split Craftsmen Association decided to symbolically join the marking of this special year through the name of this event.

The Croatian Chamber of Crafts has also announced the National Championship of Florists, which will take place the day before the official opening of the program in the Cellars and the winner will represent Croatia at the European Florist Championship in the Dutch city in 2025. The official opening of the program will also mark the Florists Forum of the Croatian Chamber of Crafts. It is a platform for discussing the most important challenges that Croatian florists face in their business.

Since tracking trends and continuous improvement of knowledge and skills are important for successful business operation, after the Florists Forum, a series of educational presentations will be held for florists with prominent and internationally recognized experts, such as Tomasz Max Kuczynski, Robert Bartolena, and Benoit Barbin, moderated by Simon Ogrizek.

As this is a comprehensive craft event, the entire program will include various craft events such as hair fashion shows, fashion shows, as well as a gastronomic and tourist event "At the Emperor's table" which returns with great fanfare after several years of hiatus.

Many family farms, local craftsmen, beekeepers and honey producers, producers of natural cosmetics based on flowers, medicinal herbs, and flower and seed producers from Banovina will participate in the 'handmade' fair on the Riva and Voćni trg. This is a continuation of the humanitarian activities of the Craftsmen Association Split, the city of Split, and the city company Žnjan towards flower producers from earthquake-affected areas. Presentations of Renaissance crafts of craftsmen coming from the Old Crafts Association Hlebine will be held in the Pjaca square, following the theme of this year's event in their characteristic way. In cooperation with Parks and Orchards, the beautification of city streets and the formation of new flower beds at various locations are being prepared as an announcement of this year's event.


The program of the 47th Flower Festival - The Marulić's Flower is available at https://www.facebook.com/uosplit.