Exhibition of three artists: "Intuition"

Exhibition of three artists: "Intuition"

Location: University Gallery of the University of Split

Time: January 12 - 31, 2024

Curator: Vanda Franičević

This encounter of three artists, Alma Čače, Karin Grenc, and Tea Morić Šitum, exploring the theme of intuition, is based on the continuity of exchanging artistic experiences and a kind of interweaving of their latest artistic cycles in 2023. The word "intuition" itself comes from the Latin expression meaning "to see," "to gaze," or "artistic perception of reality." By using the principle of intuitive tradition, the artists, with their distinct expressions, have brought themselves closer, almost sharing a similar view of the world and invoking the feminine principle. This has formed a completely fluid direction, based on the presence of significantly reduced visual forms (paintings, painting installations, collages, and montages following the assemblage or ready-made model).
The "Intuition" exhibition emerged as a glimpse of the present and future in visual arts, with the aim of depicting new or different artistic solutions.

Alma Čače
Creating a visual story, Alma Čače uses natural materials, making "brushes" from different types of wood and Mediterranean plants, or even hair strands, painting with acrylic and ink on rice and Japanese paper, and canvas. In developing the theme, she reduces the motif to a photographic detail. Painting in a highly abstract manner, she gradually develops the composition of the seashore, infusing vitality into the depiction of the maritime landscape through diverse compositional solutions.

Karin Grenc

Karin Grenc's artistic work is based on the transformation of the maritime world of the Mediterranean. Starting with her "woodiness" as an allegory of the sea, we now witness the processing of heart-shaped wood in the allegorization of the freedom of spirit. Changing the volume and plasticity of objects from the natural environment, Karin shapes three-dimensional object collages using the assemblage technique or simply places cultural products in the artistic space of the gallery, such as a pseudo ready-made model of a notebook. This is a concept of renewed artistry belonging to the neutral world of art, testifying to various forms beyond artistic phenomena. In other words, it expresses criticism of consumer culture and "excessive" aesthetics, achieved by pointing out the ubiquitous industrial reality.

Tea Morić Šitum
In her recent cycle, the genesis of Tea Morić Šitum's painting expression is based on the motif of flowers in a vase as a trivial archetype of Nature. It involves non-representational painting of open, abstract forms. The painter builds the composition by giving color shape and final form, using classical postulates in the technique of oil and acrylic on canvas. Through the gradual enrichment of the composition, various elements of the painting emerge as modifications of light (colors) or sound (tones).

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