Split-Dalmatia Film Office - Filming in Dalmatia

Split-Dalmatia Film Office - Filming in Dalmatia


The Split-Dalmatia Film Office (SDFU) was established with the objective of attracting film crews and filming projects for movies, TV series and other multimedia content to the county. Our office is authorized to identify and showcase potential filming locations, provide logistical assistance to domestic and foreign productions, obtain filming permits and facilitate connections between production teams, film professionals and local hospitality providers. At SDFU, we are dedicated to making your filming experience in our region a seamless and successful one.


The Split-Dalmatia Film Office provides logistical and technical support to interested productions in the area of Split-Dalmatia County.

  • Obtaining permits for filming at locations in Split-Dalmatia County, and communication with all necessary institutions
  • Connecting with domestic productions and film workers
  • Mediation in communication with local catering facilities and hotels
  • (possibility of obtaining discounts and various benefits)
  • Local guides for desired locations
  • Finding and presenting film locations
  • Communication with public authorities, private and business entities in Split-Dalmatia County and nationally
  • Obtaining necessary permits for filming
  • Obtaining approvals for the rental of public areas
  • Obtaining approvals from the Split-Dalmatia police department (PU Splitsko-Dalmatinska)

All the above services are free of charge.


Why choose Split-Dalmatia County for filming?

In recent years, Split-Dalmatia County has firmly established itself as a coveted filming destination for production companies worldwide.

Stunning locations, diverse geography, and rich architectural heritage spanning various historical periods are the perfect backdrop for different film genres.


Filming Incentives

Croatia’s appeal as a filming destination is on the rise, thanks to the incentives provided by the Croatian Audiovisual Center. These incentives offer a remarkable opportunity to recoup 25% of your investment in filming within Croatia. Additionally, you can earn an extra 5% return for shooting in regions with below-average development.



Split-Dalmatia Film Office

E-mail: info@filmingindalmatia.hr

Phone: +385 98 344 040

Web: https://filmingindalmatia.hr/en/sdfu-en/