Location: House of Language and Culture Peristil powered by OTP (Poljana kraljice Jelene 1, 21000 Split)

Time: April 19 - May 2, 2022

Exhibition "Singing Houses" by Abel Brčić.


Abel Brčić's paintings carry the airiness and flutter of the poetic: everything moves on them, everything plays and dances. Houses dance, cypresses sway, the sea sways, waves with boats, pines with hills. And as he says: "Some things in life get simply arranged. I was lucky to learn painting from the best - painting from Ante Kaštelančić and sculptures from Andrija Krstulović. They brought into my life the legacy of their great teachers - Vidović, Babić, Kršinić, Frangeš Mihanović, and even Ivan Meštrović.… Learning from the best living colorists of that time was an honor and a privilege. I took the transferred passion for painting, the beauty of my Žrnov and Korčula, literally as an obligation I neither want nor must betray. In this beauty pilgrimage, the art captures, recognizes and provides hospitality”.


More information about the exhibition and the artist is available at https://www.facebook.com/events/1118777545584910/?ref=newsfeed.