A Note from the Mayor

A Note from the Mayor

Dear guests, welcome to Split!

Forget the everyday life, take a deep breath, and immerse yourself in the magical world of this ancient city. Relax and let the spirit of Split envelop you. Here are 10 golden rules for navigating the Split mentality and sights, to help you talk about Split as an experience that needs to be repeated when you return home.


1. "Take your time" is the phrase you will often hear. This is a city where no one is hurrying, so there is neither need nor reason to get frustrated if things do not happen immediately. They will take time. After all, you are on holiday.

2. Last year I reminded our dear guests about siesta and I do not want you to miss it either. Like in Spain, it is an afternoon break from 2pm to 5pm. The sun is too strong. It is time to take a rest.

3. Along with 'taking your time' and siesta comes the state of 'fjaka'. With great pleasure, people interpret this as "a state of mind with great will for nothing". As the sun sets, fjaka goes away and the energy awakens.

4. Spend a hot day at the beach. Can you remember the last time you went swimming in the sea in the heart of a big city?

5. Picigin is played all year round, only in Split and only on one beach - Bačvice. We even have a World Championship of picigin. Put your towel under your arm, put on your flip-flops, go to Bačvice, find your own piece of sand where you can watch tireless players as they persist in preventing the ball from falling into the sea. Try picigin yourself.

6. The spirit of Split people is inversely proportional to the state described by the terms "take your time" and "fjaka". Split people are extraordinary fans; in every sport, the atmosphere is always one of playing for all or nothing. The most attractive cheering takes place at Hajduk football matches. Still, do not miss any sporting event. Become a part of Split.

7. I mentioned the football club whose emblem you will find in many public areas. They are not to be touched. Hajduk is sanctity, without any further discussion.

8. Split has other shrines: the Cathedral of St. Domnius, Marjan Hill, Diocletian's Palace. We are renovating them and we want to preserve them for future generations of Split residents and their guests. With your attitude, help us and support us with that intention. Let us preserve both our local and world heritage. This year is the 40th anniversary of the inclusion of Diocletian's palace and the historic core on the UNESCO world heritage list.

9. Like all Mediterranean people, we are loud, but we do not like the noise while we rest. Especially at night and especially below our window. You are on holiday and you want to have fun, but do not do it by playing loud music in your apartment because people around you need a rest.

10. With us, you wear a swimsuit on the beach, and everywhere else, the usual clothes for this time of year. We are not chaste, but for walking around the city without clothes or a piece of clothing or just in a bathing suit you will pay a fine of HRK 500 immediately or HRK 1,000 after the misdemeanour procedure has been carried out. Why would you give up about a dozen pizza or 20 beers when you have about thirty kilometres of beaches around Split where you can show your figure?


Dear guests,

Tourism professionals will do everything to ensure you have a good rest and take home nice memories. The people of Split are extraordinary hosts. They will give you their soul and take your heart in return. The only thing they are looking for is respect for their way of life and our heritage, inheritance and customs. I conclude with a short formula for great rest, entertainment, and experience. Enjoy and Respect. We will have a great time.

Andro Krstulović Opara, Mayor