AJ CHA Festival

AJ CHA Festival

AJ CHA festival: Split to become a city of Funk, Soul and Groove music in August

Marjan Ban, NenoBelan, Nikola Marjanović, Jinx, Songkillers and many others sing in memory of Dino Dvornik


In memory of Dino Dvornik, Croatia’s king of Funk music, and his timeless hits, the ‘AJ CHA’ festival will be held in Dino’s home town – Split. The festival begins on August 18th and finishes on August 20th, Dino’s birthday, with the main concert at Stari plac.

The concert will be headlined by those performers who left the deepest mark on Dino’s life and career: Marijan Ban & Dictators, NenoBelan&Fiumens, and the official tribute band, Dino Dvornik, featuring Nikola Marjanović as the frontman. Concert-goers can also look forward to a little surprise during the final concert.

Throughout the three-day festival, stages will be set up all around the city, including the seafront, Bačvice beach, Stari Plac – the former home of Hajduk Split – and other famous locations. In addition to the acts mentioned above, the atmosphere will be enhanced by bands such as Jinx, Songkillers, Tribute band James Brown, Funkytrain – DJ BoccaSofistifunk, DJ Tabu – keep of the groove, DJ Jazzozo, DJ Shoomadisco and many other musicians, DJs and friends and colleagues of Dino.

“I am very happy that we have finally organized this festival in memory of Dino Dvornik and his unique brand of funk music. We needed a lot of time to organize everything and to gather all the singers who will make this festival successful. We want to make this festival bigger and stronger year after year, inviting both big-name performers and promising new talents from the world of funk – all in honour of Dino, who is greatly missed on the Croatian music scene. I hope that with this festival Split will get another great festival for promoting good and positive energy”, said Danijela Dvornik.

Dino Dvornik is one of Croatia’s most famous musicians and his hits resonate across all generations. He left behind him dozens of beautiful songs, which have helped him become one of the symbols of Split. This festival aims to revive the energy that Dino used to spread across his beloved home town.