Permanent exhibition - Festival of Dalmatian Klapa Omiš

Permanent exhibition - Festival of Dalmatian Klapa Omiš

We are pleased to inform you that institution - Festival of Dalmatian Klapa Omiš within its big 50th anniversary has opened the door to a permanent exhibition "50 years of FDK Omiš", which is unique in Croatia. The concept of the exhibition is educational and fun way to introduce visitors to the terms klapa, klapa songs, as well as the Festival of Dalmatian Klapa. In an innovative and modern way approaches klapa history and presents a capella singing to all the visitors.

The exhibition includes:
- Sales and information section:
Booking and sale of festival tickets, original souvenirs, sound, music editions, books, ...
- Educational part of exhibit pieces from the history of singing and the Festival; presentation of klapa culture and the bilingual panels, the artifacts, photographs and exhibition elements,
- Interactive section: provides modern audio-visual elements with klapa records and songs.
FDK Omiš, established in 1967 with the basic task of preserving and communicating the rich musical heritage of Dalmatia - klapa and a capella singing. Klape as we know them are directly connected with the formation of FDK Omiš, so this exhibition for the first time fully enables the achievement of its mission and execution of educational functions. It is important to note that the klapa singing was listed on UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2012. The permanent exhibition is intended for all categories of visitors: domestic and foreign tourists, group or individual visitors, pupils, students, musicians and others.

For more information about the Festival of Dalmatian Klapa Omiš visit the website, and for any questions, future agreements and organizations visit please contact us at the email address: or phone number: 021 / 861-015.