Exhibition of Petra Jakelića: "Retropective"

Exhibition of Petra Jakelića: "Retropective"

Location: Gallery of Fine Arts Split

Date: December 12th 2023 - February 4th 2024

Regarding the extremely fruitful, successful, and enduring artistic career of the painter and printmaker Petar Jakelić, organizing a retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Split has become a mutual obligation.

While he has previously exhibited in both the Museum’s old and new gallery buildings and has a substantial history of exhibitions, this is the most comprehensive presentation of artworks by this distinguished artist and Professor Emeritus of the University of Split. This distinction is evident across various parameters, including the diverse range of art techniques, thematic choices, motifs, the number of displayed works, and the extended time span over which they were created. Visitors will have the opportunity to view a fine selection of Jakelić’s works – about two hundred and twenty pieces from different periods of his life and career, spanning from 1953 to the present day.

More information about exhibition is available at: www.galum.hr