Location: Prokultura - House of Language and Culture Peristil (Poljana kraljice Jelene 1)

Date: December 4, 2023

The opening of the photography exhibition "In Search of Silence" at the Prokultura Gallery - Observatory of Cultural Policies - Split on Peristil at 7 pm.

The exhibition features selected photographs submitted to the competition for the best mountaineering photograph organized by the Croatian Mountaineering Society "Mosor" for 23 years. HPD Mosor is also celebrating its 98th birthday today.

Every year, this photo event attracts an increasing number of authors who submit their works, the quality and excellence of which are endorsed by the committee this time consisting of:

    Fjodor Feđa Klarić (journalist, photojournalist, photographer)
    Valentino Bilić Prcić (photographer)

The winning photograph is by ÁGNES BERENTÉS, titled "Deep Purple Operation" from Hungary, taken during the rescue of American spelunker Mark Dickey from a cave over a thousand meters deep in Turkey. We have invited the author to participate in our competition, and she graciously accepted.

Yes, yes ... all of us who tread the mountains are aware of that "wrong step" that can cost us our lives. We empathize with everyone who has an accident because we know it could have been us, anytime, anywhere - due to a random twist of fate, force majeure, or our own misjudgment. But because of this photograph, I believe in people because it portrays the greatest and most valuable human qualities: dedication and love.

More information about the exhibition is available: HPD Mosor Facebook Post