A Note from the Mayor

A Note from the Mayor

Dear guests, welcome to Split!

The citizens of Split, hoteliers, restauranteurs, guides and everyone else who works in tourism want to make your time in Split a long and beautiful memory.

To make sure you have a wonderful vacation here, we need your help. The Old Town and city center are small and compact and with more and more people coming to discover our many charms and lots of venues open to the wee hours of the morning, there are some simple local customs and house “rules” that we need everyone to respect. 

Although it can get very hot in summer, it’s not allowed to walk the Old Town or city in just in a swimsuit, or for men, bare-chested.  You could be fined HRK 500.00 or HRK 1,000.00 if the offense is more serious (like being drunk and partially clothed). So do please dress appropriately--there are certainly a million better ways to spend your more money than paying these fines! 

Like many Mediterranean countries, our afternoon siesta hours are from 2 PM to 5 PM. During these hours, even some retail shops are closed, as workers all go home for an afternoon meal with the family and a siesta.  Having an afternoon nap is part of our identity. Despite our ever busy city and life, we try to preserve it. Try it. You will not regret it!  Locals call this special time of day fjaka (pronounced fee-ah-kah). Perhaps the best description of this word is what Britain’s BBC wrote about it:  "fjaka is the sublime state of mind in which a human aspires for nothing."  In other words, just relax!  

With so many restaurants and clubs open so late, it’s also important to be aware that between 11 PM and 8AM, most Split residents are home asleep. So during these house please keep the volume of your music and partying down to a respectful level—especially in rented apartments and houses, as well as in the streets and the city courtyards. 

As you walk our ancient streets and alleys and those in other towns here in Dalmatia, you will often hear people singing quietly in smaller groups. These well-loved folk songs of love, loss and Dalmatian life are part of an a cappella musical genre called klapa.   Naturally, such singing is allowed even at night under the window of your chosen one. Whether you sing in Croatian or another language, no one will protest if you perform your serenade quietly and a cappella. 

Another activity you may wish to join in, when you are on the beach, is our unique game picigin.  Imagine trying to hit a small ball to another person up to your waist in water—physical, acrobatic and very wet fun! And if you love football—soccer in America--definitely do not miss a chance to see our internationally-famous Hajduk football team at its beautiful stadium in Poljud, just a few hundred meters from the Old Town centre.  As the saying goes, Hajduk is forever, which is why you will forever remember all that cheering, love and affection for this 107 year-old club. Finally, take the time to climb Marjan, the famous hill overlooking the city, framed by many beautiful coves, full of rich history and filled with lovely nature. 

I look forward to your visit and wish you a pleasant stay in our city. May you take the best and most beautiful memories from Split!

Andro Krstulović Opara, Mayor