Meet Diocletian - Virtual Reality Tour

Meet Diocletian - Virtual Reality Tour

 We have decided to run this project driven by our wish to contribute to touristic supply of our city in a special way that would, for those who choose to look it, enable to experience the town in a different, virtual way, from inside, from the idea of creating the city itself, through the story of a great and unrepeatable father of this beautiful cuty, Emperor Diocletian. 

With its story guiding you through the palace, there are also highly qualified hostesses who can provide all the additional information to curious visitors. 

A selfie is also possible with a faithful copy of the famous legionaries of Emperor, a piece of art of the artist, in her branch known as the Croatian Madame Tussauds , who with her skillful hands passed on the casting the people who faithfully served the Emperor.

Thus, besides the mental experience there is also photography as a permanent proof of the time in which the people once lived in the city.