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Location: Antoničin mlin - Antonica's mill (Ulica kralja Petra Krešimira IV 20, Žrnovnica)

Date: July 24 - 28, 2024


Dear Handpan Tribe and fellow creatives, artists, peace and love spreaders... We invite you to join us once again this year for shared moments of friendship, joy, learning, and creativity—spanning a delightful 5 days!

The first day of the festival is open to everyone. The entire program, including workshops and the live concert, operates on donations that go towards the humanitarian action for children "Red Noses." We are grateful for every support.

In our pursuit of offering you a comprehensive experience, this year, we have prepared a “small handpan school” with master teachers. From the first day to the last, we will guide you through beginner to advanced techniques, allowing those who genuinely wish to learn more to create their own compositions. Additional master class can be arranged and reserved independently of the festival program.(Limited entries)

You can also look forward to various workshops (for both you and your children), morning yoga and tai chi, river bathing, sleeping under the stars in the Robinson camp, good food, diverse exhibitors and their unique creations, shiatsu massage, drawing with henna, djembe and body integration workshop, mandala drawing , instrument making, rhythmic and voice play, interactive storytelling for children, jamming, lectures on Slavic mythology, and magical concerts every evening.

We are thrilled to announce this year's LINE UP:


  • Kabeção (Portugal) - Kabecao Website
  • Daniel Waples (UK) - Hang in Balance
  • Quentin Moreau (France) - Quintin Handpan Music
  • Ivan Judaš (Croatia) - Ivan Judaš YouTube
  • Josephine Pia Wild (Germany/France) - Josephine Pia Wild Instagram
  • Mayiia (Germany) - Mayiia
  • Maja Wlazly Duo (Poland) - Maja Wlazly Instagram
  • Arachai (UK)
  • Enes Begovski (Macedonia)
  • Dejan Štemberger (Slovenija)


 And other talented musicians we want to introduce and support:


  • Vittorio Veccia (Italy)
  • Marko Aljinović Carbonini (Croatia)
  • Edo Ivče (Japan/Croatia)
  • Eva Tudor (Croatia)
  • Andrea Pongrac (Istria)
  • Tihomir Lugarić (Croatia)
  • Vasly Ros (Ukraine)
  • Magdalena Kralj (Croatia)
  • Stefan Jovičić (Croatia)
  • Karla Večerina (Croatia)


* Children under 14 years old have free admission.

* We will have every day in offer light breakfast, lunch and dinner -  food is not included in the ticket price.

* Some additional workshops will have promotional prices.

* Those who purchase a 4-day ticket automatically enter our lottery  for a chance to win a VIBE handpan instrument.

* If you can't attend the entire festival, you can join for just one day  or the concerts only.

* Our beloved four legged  friends are not allowed in the park

* Mandatory applications for the camp to the mail:


Tickets are available at link!