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SUSTIPAN NIGHTS 2024 - Zoran Predin & Damirov Django Group feat. Matija Dedić

SUSTIPAN NIGHTS 2024 - Zoran Predin & Damirov Django Group feat. Matija Dedić

 Location: Sustipan park

Dates: July 10th  2024, concert start at 9:30 PM



Under the moonlight, with the scent of century-old pines, we are preparing another unforgettable experience -  Sustipan Nights 2024!


For 11 years, this event has filled the hearts of visitors with a love for music and art, and this summer we are preparing something special once again.



Zoran Predin & Damirov Django Group feat. Matija Dedić in an evening dedicated to Arsen Dedić - Zoran sings Arsen


Zoran Predin is a Slovenian singer-songwriter born in Maribor in 1958. He is known for his provocative and darkly humorous lyrics, and even his staunchest critics acknowledge his originality and unconventionality. He has released 41 original albums, four collections of set lyrics, and collections of anecdotes and short stories.


Predin has composed music for films and theater, experimented with various musical styles ranging from rock to gypsy swing, and performed worldwide.


One of his significant projects is "Zoran Sings Arsen," an album he recorded with Damir Kukuruzović's Django Group as a tribute to Arsen Dedić. Predin and Dedić were longtime friends, and Predin regarded Dedić not only as a friend but also as a mentor and older brother.


After the success of Matija Dedić's album "Matija Plays Arsen," the idea for this album was born. It consists of 12 songs in gypsy swing arrangements, giving a new sound to songs such as "Kuća pored mora" ("House by the Sea"), "Moderato Cantabile," "Ni ti, ni ja" ("Neither You Nor I"), "Imenom sam tvojim zvao" ("I Called You by Your Name"), and


"Pamtim samo sretne dane" ("I Remember Only Happy Days").


The album became the best-selling Croatian release of 2020, but the death of Damir Kukuruzović that same year interrupted the promotional tour, which resumed a year later. The album thus became a tribute to both Arsen and Damir, with Matija Dedić guesting on the album and at performances.


Zoran Predin will be performing at Sustipan for the first time, and with the guest appearance of Matija Dedić, this evening will be remembered for its emotions and unique atmosphere.


Carefully selected music, top-notch production, and a conceptually unique event await you once again at Dream of Sustipan Nights.


Online tickets are available at this LINK!


Tickets will soon be available for physical purchase at the Corto Maltese restaurant!