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From October 4th to 6th this year, Split will once again come to life as the host of a unique event - the Startup Europe Regatta. From startup presentations to sailing in the Split archipelago, the Regatta will make sure to provide a strong tailwind! It's clear that in recent years, Split has become more than just a beautiful tourist destination.

The increasing number of startups, their growth, and progress have turned the capital of Dalmatia into a true tech oasis. And to prove that it's not a recent development, the arrival of the leading startup conference for the 5th consecutive year speaks volumes.


Startups will once again take over Split's waterfront

It's a beautiful sight on the waterfront to see ambitious individuals sharing their business visions, which are still just startups but have the potential to become established Split-based companies over time.

Anyone present on the waterfront during the conference days will have the opportunity to meet almost 100 different startups - both local, Croatian, and international. To truly make it a regatta, after the two-day conference, there's sailing in the Split archipelago and socializing and networking in a more relaxed setting.


However, at the Startup Regatta, it's not just people who connect, but also dreams and ambitions. This conference brings together investors, partners, and startup initiators from all over the world. It offers an opportunity to meet and socialize with like-minded individuals, develop strategies with business investors, gain new knowledge from experienced mentors, and much more.


At the heart of the startup story, Digital Dalmatia is an indispensable catalyst that has, in a way, shaped the Split startup scene.

Their dedication to this area has been ongoing for years through various activities such as education, organizing a startup academy, connecting with mentors and investors, and providing financial support. Now, in partnership with experts from Zagreb, Digital Dalmatia is taking the whole concept to an entirely new level by organizing this conference.

A significant addition to this year's conference is the Digital Dalmatia Day! Following its great success and enormous interest, an additional day dedicated to the local developer and startup scene takes place. This special day offers an opportunity to meet the best industry experts and opens the doors for networking, collaboration, and continuous learning.


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