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Location: Spaladium Arena (Zrinsko-frankopanska 211, 21000 Split)


The International Scientific and Professional Conference ENTER, derived from the conference Challenges in working with gifted children and youth, is organized in order to develop and improve work with potentially gifted children and youth. It has a developmental, educational and promotional role for all stakeholders in the educational system who in any way participate in realizing the potential of highly motivated and potentially gifted students. It also aims to improve the education system in general, through the promotion and exchange of examples of good practice: innovative methods of learning and teaching, teaching and student projects and networking of experts from inside and outside the Republic of Croatia. 


The conference will take place in a hybrid, so with the arrival at a location where you can gain knowledge and skills and exchange experiences, network with colleagues from the country and abroad, you will be able to follow the online environment. 


Register for the conference via ETAEDU, and write ENTER in the name of the expert meeting.


Tickets for individual, group, student and virtual, are available on the conference website:

All information, announcements and other interesting facts about the ENTER conference can be found at: