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Split's favorite Advent location, Josip Juraj Strossmayer Park, better known as Đardin, will create real Christmas magic with its rich decoration.


Don't miss the lighting of the first Advent candle, one of the symbols of this year's Advent in Split, on November 28 at 6:00 p.m. The light of the first candle also marks the grand opening of this year's Split Advent, which will be magnified by opera soloist Franka Pleština Stanić and pianist Zoran Velić. This music duo is part of the program of the 50th anniversary of the Music Youth of Split and the 24th International Choral Festival CRO PATRIA, an event that has been successfully complemented with Advent in Split for years.


An atmosphere of hope marked the first day of this year's Advent in Split under the slogan "Love unites us". 

By lighting the so-called prophet's candle on the Advent wreath in Đardin, which symbolizes anticipation and faith in the arrival of Christmas, marked the beginning of this holiday period. Until January 6, Split will become a source of new hope, relying on the love that unites each person with their loved ones, even when, due to the pandemic, we are deprived of intimacy and the possibility of hugs.


Along with the symbolism of peace, the second Advent candle shone in Đardin

The light of the second Advent candle shined upon intentional and accidental passers-by in Đardin tonight at Advent in Split. The Bethlehem candle, as it is also called, brings symbolism of peace and tranquility to all who are eagerly awaiting the celebration of Christmas.


By lighting the third Advent candle, the joy of Christmas approaches

The third Advent candle shone in full glory in Đardin this Saturday. Traditionally known as the shepherd's candle, it is a symbol of happiness for the upcoming Christmas that is approaching us and celebrates the first people who worshiped the little Jesus, the shepherds. Until January 6, following the meanings of all the candles of Advent, Split will be a source of emotions that we need today more than ever. Under the slogan "Love unites us", the streets of Split in Advent attire remind us of the fundamental values ​​of the holiday, hope, peace, joy, and love.