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Location: Cornaro hotel (Sinjska 6, 21000 Split) / Riva (Obala Hrvatkog narodnog preporoda bb, 21000 Split) 

Duration: Tuesday, December 1 - Saturday, December 5
In the past three editions, the Split Gourmet Expo was a gastronomic exhibition of Split restaurants organized by Chefs of the Mediterranean and European Regions (ŠKMER).
This year it becomes a four-day international festival combining the competition categories of two major international competitions - Biser mora (Pearls of the Sea) and Grand Gourmet. Festival will make Split an unavoidable gastronomic destination of the region and this part of the Mediterranean. 
Through the festival for the first time in Split, there will have the opportunity to watch live or live stream international competitions of top chefs, pizzaiola, waiters, baristas, and pastry chefs, and young teams from 10 countries from December 1 to December 5 in the Hotel Cornaro in Split.
In addition to competitions, Split Gourmet Expo brings presentations, masterclasses, and workshops. There will be product presentations and cooking shows, as well as a competition in the discipline of "flair bartending" - making cocktails juggling bottles, and bartending utensils in Diocletian's Palace.
The grand finale of the Split Gourmet Expo on December 5 takes place on the Split promenade (Riva), where visitors will get to know restaurants with their best gourmet offers and original dishes with an attractive accompanying program.