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Location: Gallery of Fine Arts, Ulica kralja Tomislava 15, 21000 Split

Opening: August 12, 2020 at 9 pm
Following the publication and promotion of the monograph Legacy in January 2020, the Art Gallery presents a critical retrospective of Zlatan Dumanić's oeuvre that will provide the audience with an insight into the diversity, complexity and, no less important, beauty of Dumanić's work and the dendism of his style. The material of the exhibition, along with works from the museum's holdings, consists mostly of works of art found in the apartment after the artist's death, preserved thanks to the Marko Lucija Marin Collection, as well as works purchased for the collection on the Croatian volatile art market. Like the monograph, the exhibition presents the outlines of Dumanić's multimedia legacy, which includes an abundance of sculptures, installations, paintings and painted compositions, drawings, diaries, authorial and experimental books, objects that go beyond the usual and today very broad determinants of art, and preserved performance documentation.
The exhibition remains open until September 27.