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 Location: Center for Culture and Lifelong Learning Zlatna vrata (Dioklecijanova 7)

Date: November 21 - December 1
In her exhibition, Sunčana Barbarić has chosen to delve into events from her early childhood through fourteen presented works. These memories remained vivid due to her family's relocation to a new home when she was six years old. The act of moving, apparently, helped Sunčana distinguish between before and after, leading her to reminisce more frequently about that part of her life than is customary.
Most of the stories depicted here are initiated by some unpleasant event, which eventually concludes with a positive outcome. The artworks are memories of a happy childhood that the author recalls through fourteen simplified motifs, resembling monochromatic pictograms that reconstruct some memorable stories. The works are executed with diluted acrylic on canvas, causing the color to easily merge with the material's structure during application. The result of this process is dispersed color on transparent fabric, once again reminding us of the porosity of memories that eternally exist between events and representation.
Review: Zlatko Galić
Sunčana Barbarić was born in 1997 in Dubrovnik. She completed her education at the Art School Luka Sorkočević in Dubrovnik in 2015. In 2019, she finished her undergraduate studies in Restoration and Conservation at the University of Dubrovnik. During the fifth semester of her studies, she participated in an Erasmus exchange at École de Condé in Paris. She is currently a second-year graduate student at the Department of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Split, in the class of Assoc. Prof. Vedran Perković. Sunčana has participated in several group exhibitions and held two solo exhibitions.
Mentors of the exhibited work: Assoc. Prof. Vedran Perkov and Asst. Prof. Josip Šurlin
Project Organization:
Center for Culture and Lifelong Learning Zlatna vrata, Split; Academy of Fine Arts in Split / Painting Department; Faculty of Philosophy in Split / Department of Art History
Project Leaders:
Tamara Visković, Viktor Popović, Vedran Perkov, Neli Ružić, Dr. Dalibor Pranč