Location: Salon Galić gallery (Marmontova 5, 21000 Split)


Anita Miloš Tomaić / ENCOUNTERS


Opening: Thursday, March 16, 2023, at 7:00 p.m.

Duration: March 16 - April 6, 2023


Whether agreed upon or not, the encounter is always short-lived, fleeting, in its essence, ephemerality. But encounters take place in a specific time and space. Encounters are also an indicator of change, always and again intersections or mergers of different directions - ideas, associations, perceptions, and forms. Starting from the title, although it suggests that it is an impermanent phenomenon, the artist Anita Miloš Tomaić imagines the exhibition as a series of works that nevertheless give a hint of certain spaces and such, according to her idea, can be understood as a replica of the problems of society and its belonging system of this delicate and the vulnerable age we are witnessing. On the other hand, it cancels any meaning, so each encounter with the work offers the viewer a visual stimulus for their interpretations, associations, and perceptions, a moment from which everything changes.


The visual medium with which the author expresses herself is almost always a drawing, which, in this case, can be interpreted as a training ground for experimentation with various techniques, methods, and skills, evident in the diversity of individual series of works. The exhibition consists of four series with the following titles: Something is happening, Border, Emptiness / Void, and Postspaces.


More information is available at http://hulu-split.hr/izlozbe/anita-milos-tomaic-susreti/.