Izložba Yoshio Imamura

Izložba Yoshio Imamura

9th Splitgraphic biennial 2019 International Biennial of Graphic Art

Solo exhibition YOSHIO IMAMURA (Japan)

24th October – 12th November, 2019


Solo exhibition by Yoshio Imamura, a renowned Japanese artists and printmaker will be organised as a part of the 9th Splitgraphic biennial in the gallery Salon Galić. Yoshio Imamura (1948.) is the winner of the Grand Prix award of the 8th Splitgraphic in 2017. Imamura is the master of graphic art, very well known on the international contemporary graphic art scene and member of prestigious Japanese Print Association.


He will exhibit forty prints from his “The Cosmos and the Ground” cycle. These are works he made from 2009 to 2019 and they are all interconnected by: tradition and contemporaneity of Japanese printmaking by using traditional Japanese woodblock technique in combination with other printmaking techniques, themes of nature and universality of existence, and sensibility of art expression.


Imamura's exhibition is the first part of the 9th Splitgraphic whose programme will be held in 2019 and 2020.

The exhibition is organised in partnership with Croatian Association of Artists – Split.