Location: Youth center Split

Duration: September 1st - 30th, 2023



September at the Youth Center: numerous workshops, lectures, exhibitions, and gatherings...


The Youth Center has announced its full program for September, offering a variety of interesting content.


September at the Youth Center will feature numerous workshops. On Saturday, September 9th, a workshop titled "Writing as Performance" has been announced. This workshop explores the various relationships between text and body, writing and choreography. Led by dance artist Martina Tomić and dramaturge Nina Gojić, the workshop will explore several possible approaches to this question. The workshop is intended for dance artists, dramaturges, new media artists, performers, students in these fields, and anyone interested in writing and performance.


There are two more dance workshops in the September program. On Thursday, September 14th, there will be a free salsa workshop for advanced couples led by Tomo Omo Mutarello, organized by the Style Force Collective. In the latter half of September, on the 24th, there is a workshop by Luna Lilek (Zagreb Dance Ensemble) as part of the Small School of Contemporary Dance (2nd semester), organized by the Tiramola Dance Association.


For those interested in documenting artistic performances through photography and wanting to learn more, towards the end of the month (September 25th, 26th, 27th, and 30th), there is a workshop on professional documentary photography for theater performances and similar performance arts. The workshop is divided into two parts. The first part is theoretical and focuses on the basics of documentary photography. The second part is practical and involves going to the field (Amphitheater) and photographing the main rehearsal of the performance. Workshop participants need to have their own photographic equipment. Minimum technical requirements for attending the workshop: owning a camera with an APS-C sensor size or larger. Preference is given to participants who have a wide-angle and a telephoto lens with an aperture of f/2.8 or larger, or a zoom lens. The workshop leader is Darko Škrobonja.


On Tuesday, September 12th, the fourth lecture in the series on film analysis is announced. In the lecture "Unfathomable Film History," lecturer and film analyst Erik Lončar will delve even deeper into the world of film creation to reveal numerous hidden information, providing viewers with a clearer understanding of films and enhancing their enjoyment. Therefore, join another interactive lecture on film analysis.


The Association "One Youth" carries out various activities for young people, including a graphic design course, "Green Chemistry" (interactive experiments and games for students from the 6th to 8th grade), "Young Entrepreneurs" (enthusiastic young entrepreneurs will learn about a range of business topics, starting from developing ideas, creating products, reaching customers, and most importantly - selling!), "Film School" (Film Matinee, scriptwriting). The September dates are September 23rd and 30th.


Friday and Saturday, September 15th and 16th, are reserved for the Permaculture Weekend organized by the Permaculture Dalmatia Association. Over the course of two days, you can get to know permaculture, learn how to preserve seeds of old vegetable varieties, get acquainted with the concept of a time bank, learn to create self-watering garden beds, and even bring something for repair to the Repair Shop.


This month's favorite Bazaar at Club Cube will take place on Sunday, September 17th, from 8 to 10 PM, organized by the Aktivist Association. The Bazaar always offers a variety of items, from clothing, books, dishes, decorations, footwear, jewelry, to vinyl records and tapes, promoting a more sustainable way of life, recycling, and reuse, all based on the principle of "Take and Carry!"


In the MKC Gallery, an exhibition titled "Home" by Petra Grimanija will open on Friday, September 22nd. Petra Grimanija's exhibition in the Split Youth Center weaves together spatial and contextual associations, presenting a survey of his rich, multimedia artistic production alongside works created for this occasion.


On the last Thursday of the month (September 28th), within the discursive program "Squared" at the Split Film Club, films by club members from history, experimental films, recent club productions, and films by contemporary authors working under similar production conditions worldwide will be shown concurrently. The program is open to the public, and admission is free.


Just a few more days, until September 10th, to register for the camera and direction workshop led by distinguished German cinematographer and director Fred Kelemen, which will take place from September 18th to 22nd at the Split Film Club.


The entire program is available on the website as well as on the Youth Center's Facebook and Instagram profiles, where you can find all the details about how to participate in the workshops.