Dates: September 20 - 25, 2022


Slomadism serves as a stage to discuss and define time, travel, life and work – and optimal ways they can intersect. We will share – and challenge, norms of expected outputs and relentless distractions. Look at the key areas affecting – and affected by, this lifestyle. And some of the expected trends and changes coming.


Across 6 days, we’ll hold talks, scenic netwalking (walks) and top it off with a chilled day at the beach with beach party (and DJ) and hilltop winery at sunset as a finale.


During Slomadism, you will:

  • meet the local public and private sector and hear their take on ‘digital nomads’;
  • learn tools to support the digital nomad lifestyle and to create content and itineraries with intent;
  • explore Split… slowly, and meet people from all corners of the globe.


This event is delivered by Saltwater Nomads -


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