Location: Museum of Fine Arts (Kralja Tomislava 15, 21000 Split)

Duration: November 6 – October 10, 2022

Tina Gverović - Infinite Recurrences


curated by Jasminka Babić


Tina Gverović is an artist who is recognized on Croatian and international art scene through her well thought-out artistic projects that investigate the topics of identity, space, territory, migrations. Hers is a very personal poetic vision, very different from the illustrative documental approach of thematically relatable artistic practices, that speaks of complexities of contemporary identity governed by geopolitical and cultural surroundings. Through layered installations, assemblages, drawings and video works the artist pervades personal and social memories, real and imaginative narratives, and explores the effects that surroundings have on humans but at the same time leaving the possibility of distancing or complete liberation from these conditionings. The artist speaks of the bodies, or rather human figures as symbols of such relations: “Are we talking about bodies that aren’t subject to any external forces, either political or in the realms of physics? Or are we talking about bodies that fall through the gaps of any social or political support structures? Can a body inhabit both those positions at once? We could think about bodies that are enveloped in or subject to ancient rhythms and forces of the natural world, folded into waves, currents and so on; bodies which, and this might be fantasy, are beyond the daily grind of politics as we know it?”


The exhibition Infinite Recurrences is Tina Gverović’s first solo exhibition in Split and it is the result of the Museum of Fine Arts Award from the last 54th Zagreb Salon of Visual Arts.


More information is available at http://www.galum.hr/en/exhibitions/exibition/1756/.