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Photo: Tz Solin 

Solin, the cradle of ancient and early Croatian history is located on the Jadro River, also known as the Croatian Jordan. It is the town with the youngest population in Croatia and rich cultural and natural heritage. All of this makes it an attractive tourist destination. 
The oldest Marian shrine in Croatia, established by the Queen Jelena more than a thousand years ago, is located in Solin. Its church holds her tombstone and was visited by the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, in 1998. The ancient Salona lies in the heart of Solin and was ​​once the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia.
It is the largest archaeological park in Croatia, whose size is attested by the monumental ramparts with towers and gates, a forum with temples, an amphitheater and cemeteries with Salonian martyrs (Manastirine, Kapljuč, Marusinac). Salona was a town with over 60 000 inhabitants and, according to the legend, the birthplace of Emperor Diocletian. 
Apart from Salona, ​​your hosts will be happy to show you the remnants of ruins from the era of the Turks, as well as the Gašpine mill from the 18th century where visitors  can enjoy a tour of the mill, see old tools  and the so-called Hollow Church. It is the coronation basilica of King Zvonimir, where he was crowned in 1076 as the King of Croatia and Dalmatia. Furthermore, Solin has the largest marine aquarium in Croatia situated on the Vranjic peninsula.
Solin is situated along the Jadro River, which rises at the foot of the Mosor mountain at 35 meters above sea level, and flows to the Bay of Solin after 4.5 km. An endemic subspecies of the Adriatic trout has also developed in the Bay of Solin. In addition, the town has a rich natural heritage and numerous celebrations aimed at interpreting its cultural heritage. If you decide to visit Solin, you can stay in a hotel, a hostel or in a private apartment. In our restaurants, which offer peaceful ambience along the Jadro River, you can also try our rich culinary offer, particularly the trout.
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Solin can be reached from Split by car or a local bus number 37, departing from Sukoišanska street in Split:

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