Ivica Profaca

Ivica Profaca is a journalist with decades of experience, and strong connection with Split, city where he was born, and where and with which he still lives. With this series of blogs he shows Split as he see it, and as he would like you to see it. Contact writer via: iprofaca@gmail.com
  • Currency Exchanging: How to Avoid Problems?

    Few days ago Croatian media ran a news story which is unfortunately not that uncommon during the tourist season - scam in exchange offices. The latest case happened in Istria, not in Split, but with so many tourists like Croatia has this season, and constant need for Croatian currency, it can happen anywhere. When I say anywhere, I really mean anywhere, not only in Croatia, as some kind of side effect of mass tourism. In this last case, tourists got only 610 kuna for 100 euros, and the regular ... More

  • Summer Always Starts With Mediterranean Films

    Weather is maybe still not like in full summer, but don't worry, there is another sign the warmest part of the year is coming; on June 17 begins 14th Mediterranean Film Festival Split! This ten days long event is one of the most popular in Split, even under some epidemiology restrictions. It takes place in one of the most beautiful venues in town open air cinema Bačvice, where you will be able to see some of the best films from 18 Mediterranean nations, awarded on festivals and well praised by ... More

  • Central Gets Old Glory

    No less than 251 years ago, main city square in Split got its first café, and ever since that place was and still is one of hotspots of social life in Split. It changed owners and names during its history, but importance remained the same. Most of people in Split know it as Central, but in urban mythology it's been also remembered as Troccoli. Generations spent time there to have a coffee or some sharp drink, turning it into something way bigger than just a café or a restaurant. ... More

  • Love Stories That Shook Split

    We all know about great love stories, often tragic, from folk tales to Romeo and Juliet, and onward. Split also had different stories about lovers who wanted to stay together in spite of all obstacles. Valentine's Day is the right occasion to remind on some of them. I chose two stories, both tragic, but witnessing that real love is above everything else. Probably the most famous is a story about Palmina Karaman and Andrija Katalinić, two young Split citizens who lived in mid-19th century. They ... More

  • Night of the Museums Goes Online

    For the last 16 years Night of the Museums is one of the most popular events in Croatia, but also elsewhere. And just like most of other events, this year it changed. Instead of touring museums, meeting people, enjoying special events during the night, the whole thing on January 29 will be virtual, with all those interested staying at their homes. Hopefully, we will have to adjust to new normality only this year. All museums fans definitely will be disappointed, but let's look on the bright ... More

  • Christmas, Split Way

    In "old normality" Split celebrated Christmas same way as in the whole Christian world, but with plenty of special, local traditions and customs. Today, a lot of things will be different, with limited gatherings and travels, and many events cancelled. Even religious segment, the one related to mass other church ceremonies, will be way different than usual. This year, with hope that pandemic will end soon, we will be without everything that is part of holidays season in Split and ... More

  • Codfish, Imported Holiday King

    Being a Christian holiday, most of traditions and customs connected with Christmas are faith-related. However, everywhere in the world, therefore in Split too, it's also a family holiday, and there is no place where family can get together more pleasant and nicer than around the table. After all, that's main reason why every nation has particular holidays-related food. In Split, we have our favourites, too. We can begin right from the top, with a king; codfish. At the first glance, it's more ... More

  • Saint Lucia, a Martyr Beloved in Dalmatia

    Photo by Slobodna Dalmacija When I was a child older people in my family used to tell me stories how they celebrate different holidays, especially in this part of the year, when we await for Christmas. Traditions are endless, but there was always one of those days that stood up, Saint Lucia day celebrated on December 13. As I explained in last week's blog, unlike some other parts of Croatia this day in Dalmatia was always more important than Saint Nicholas, especially for kids, and probably ... More

  • Saint Nicholas: Joy for Children, Comfort for Seamen

    Just like any other part of Christian world by the sea, Split and Dalmatia worship Saint Nicholas as a patron saint of seamen, passengers, but among others also of children. In the old days, children in Split were awaiting for Saint Lucia Day with much bigger expectations, she was the one bringing gifts ahead of Christmas. Still, Saint Nicholas is important part of faith and spirit in Dalmatia. After all, there are churches dedicated to this saint everywhere, including two small ones in Split. ... More