Discover all the charms of the Diocletian city!

  • Split in 1 day

    Every guide book will tell you that Split is a city built around the palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, one of the best preserved and most impressive monuments of the Roman era in Europe. You will also read that the historic city core has been on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1979. However, Split is not a city-museum; it’s a lively place thriving among the historical layers of its monuments. That’s why getting to know Split in one day might just prove to be a ... More

  • Split in 3 days

    If you’re in Split for three days, you will have more time to discover all the charms of the Diocletian city beyond the usual race tour of monuments and other attractions. Naturally, all that we have described in the one day program represents the “mandatory program”, giving you a foundation for your introduction to such an important destination historically and culturally. Also, you will now, by all means, have more time at your disposal for all that, not only to have a ... More

  • Split in 7 days

    Few cities can in their closest surroundings offer such variety of entertainment and excursions as Split. More