Location: Youth Center (Ulica slobode 28)

Time:May 1st - 31st
What the Youth Center Offers in May - what to see, listen to, or what new things you can learn - we bring you an overview below.
On Friday, you can participate in the dance workshop "Monomyth," based on the dance performance of the same name. Participants will experience how performers Eva Kocić and Gendis Putri Kartini worked on the performance itself. The dance material is based on physical contact between two people and the transfer of weight. The workshop is intended for amateur dancers and dance enthusiasts over 14 years old.
There are also numerous other workshops you can still sign up for, such as: ABC MKC workshops for children (May 4th and 5th), VR Workshop - II. module of virtual reality workshop (May 15th, 17th, and 22nd), Year-round Alternations seminar (every Friday) for those who want to discuss the development of film art in an informal environment, learn about analog photography, video art, and alternative forms of visual storytelling, Sundays at Six: Social dance workshops (May 5th, 12th, and 19th), Workshop with Ana Mrak - "Contemporary Dance Techniques" (May 18th and 19th), qWORKSHOP: SCREEN PRINTING WORKSHOP (May 22nd and 23rd).
The exhibition, which brings together the most important works of prominent Croatian film and visual artist Nedeljko Dragić, can be viewed until May 9th at the MKC Gallery, but besides that, two more exhibitions are opening this month. On Thursday, May 9th, the exhibition "Reminders for the Future" opens at the Kocka Club Gallery, as the final event of this year's Curator School in collaboration with Mavena and Unseen. It is constructed around the idea of sharing and mutual learning, as an open space that explores various elements through film.
At the end of the month, on May 30th, the exhibition by Kris Komljenović, Galapago: Homunculus, opens at the Kocka Club Gallery, as part of qFEST. Through scenography, costume design, and performance, the author evokes an imaginary world inhabited by Homunculus, a character embodying mourning, i.e., the experience of mourning of a queer person for a queer person.
On the Amphitheater stage this month, there will be numerous performance and concert programs. Let's highlight the instrumental rock concert by Bizon, Luka Krstulović, Dragan Đokić (May 3rd), the multimedia concert 6 METERS by Vedran Ružić (May 10th), the dance performance "Playing Reality" by Koraljka Begović (May 17th), the dance performance "Firebird" by Studio for Contemporary Dance (May 24th), the performance of the 5th Festival of Unusual Families - "Disculpa si te presento como que no te conozco" by the Spanish group La Pequeña Victoria Cen (May 25th), and the dance performance "Heroes" by the artistic organization Malo sutra (May 31st).
Additionally, on Sunday, May 12th, the Amphitheater will host the Conference "Housing - Right or Privilege?" organized by the European Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City in collaboration with the Society of Architects of Split and the Right to the City. The program in the Amphitheater includes workshops for the public: a workshop on tenants' unions (following the workshop on tenant rights), a workshop on touristicification, a workshop on cooperative housing, and the final panel "The Right to Housing - What national and European policies do we need for safe and accessible housing?"
For Saturday, May 18th, the Circus Collective has prepared a diverse program starting at 6 PM with the general knowledge quiz "Cirkviz," focusing on traditional and contemporary "circus," and as an introduction to what follows at 8:30 PM - the evening program of the 7th Open Stage, an open evening of performances. We also note that interested established and emerging artists who want to present their artistic acts at the 7th Open Stage can still apply until May 12th

This is just part of the program for May, and the entire program is available on the website and on the Facebook and Instagram profiles of the Youth Center. There you will also find all the details on how to apply to participate in workshops.