Location: Hrvatski dom Split (Tončićeva ulica 1, 21000 Split)


Time: November 2-6, 2021


- TUESDAY, November 2, at 7 pm, concert hall Hrvatski dom Split

"Guitarra española" - Rafael Aguirre (Spain)

Rafael Aguirre, currently the leading and most famous Spanish guitar virtuoso of the younger generation, delights audiences around the world with his performances of modern, classical, and flamenco music. He has won 13 first prizes at the most prestigious guitar festivals and competitions in the world. For the first time, he will present himself to the Croatian audience in Split at the 9th Days of Classical Guitar with a program called "Guitarra española", which contains the most famous works of Spanish classical and flamenco literature.


- WEDNESDAY, November 3, at 7 pm, concert hall Hrvatski dom Split

"Omaggio" - Petrit Çeku (Croatia / Kosovo)

Petrit Çeku, a favorite Croatian guitarist, is a frequent guest of the Days of Classical Guitar Festival and the world's biggest stages. His virtuosity and exceptional sensibility have been delighting domestic and foreign audiences and critics for years. For this year's Split concert, he prepared a lyrical program called "Ommagio" in memory of the Croatian guitarist Goran Listeš, who passed away last year.


- THURSDAY, November 4, at 7 pm, concert hall Hrvatski dom Split and FRIDAY, November 5, at 7 pm, Public cultural institution Zvonimir, Solin

"Musicas del Mundo" - Sevilla Guitar Duo (Spain)

From the heart of Andalusia, the "Seville Guitar Duo" arrives in Croatia for the first time, consisting of renowned and award-winning Spanish guitarists, professors at the Conservatory of Music in Seville, Francisco Bernier and Antonio Duro. The Split audience will have an opportunity to listen to the attractive program "Musicas del Mundo", composed of works by composers of the 19th and 20th centuries from various parts of the world. They will show why Spanish critics describe their performance as "an extraordinary play of colors and sensibilities."


 - SATURDAY November 6, at 7 pm, concert hall Hrvatski dom Split

“Omaggio ad Astor Pazzolla” - Cesare Chiacchiaretta, bandoneon and Giampaolo Bandini, guitar (Italy)

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Argentine genius, inventor of the "Tango Nuevo" style Astor Piazzolla and author of the all-time hits "Libertango" and "Oblivion". The “Omaggio ad Astor Pazzolla” program, entirely dedicated to his opus, will be performed by the world's best bandoneon / guitar duo, Italian virtuosos Cesare Chiacchiaretta and Giampaolo Bandini.


More information is available at https://www.facebook.com/daniklasicnegitare.