Stand Up Comedy - In English

Stand Up Comedy - In English

Everyone loves a good laugh! Here's your chance not only to laugh, but get acquainted with the local stand-up comedy scene. Stand-up scene in Split is relatively fresh but it’s a lively group of comedians. For over three years their audience was local, but the time has come for them to share their jokes with the rest of the world. Wherever you may come from you’ll find out that in Split and Croatia the same things make people tick and most importantly laugh! Twice a week the stage of Ghetto Club will be a place to see comedians from Split, Croatia and even abroad. Don’t miss the chance to make your Split experience not just fun but also funny! And the best thing - it's FREE!

every Tuesday and Thursday!
21h / 9pm
Ghetto Club - 1st floor / upstairs

*Although, if you really enjoy the show, on the way out you can leave a donation. After all, comedians also need to eat.

More info about the show and DIRECTIONS to Ghetto Club: 

Featuring Tomislav Primorac, Josip Škiljo, Ivica Lazaneo, Ante Travizi, Ivo Musulin and Vanja Dobrijević

0994861713 (text message only)