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January at Youth center

January at Youth center

Location: Youth Center

Time: January 1 - 31

Young People's Home Program for the Beginning of the Year

The Split Youth Center has a new, fantastic program this month, but first, let's take a look at last year's program. Throughout the past year, over 290 different educational programs (workshops, seminars, lectures, etc.) were held at the Youth Center, along with more than 90 musical programs/concerts, 60 film nights, over 40 exhibitions, and 40 performances, as well as a year-round program of various trainings and numerous other events. Fifteen festivals were organized with over 100 different activities, including Platformat, Under the Stage, Pričigin, Mediterranean Film Festival, Split Film Festival, St-art Festival of Author's Music, Review XII, Festival of Unusual Families, Include Festival, qFEST, Abuse Fest, Phoenix Festival, Split Calling, Cyan Festival, and Dalmatia Film Festival. These impressive numbers best illustrate the quantity of programs offered by the Youth Center. Many programs are planned for the new year, and here is an overview of the program until the end of January.

Tuesday, January 10, is the last day to apply for the free KLFM Radio School 2024, which will take place from January 15 to 17. The Radio School is intended for everyone who wants to learn how community streaming radio works or get involved in its programming. After the school, participants have the opportunity to join the small radio community of volunteers and participate in the work of KLFM radio (technical aspects, program realization, author's shows, organization, etc.). No prior knowledge is required, only enthusiasm and love for radio.

In January, the cycle of weekend workshops on contemporary dance and movement, called Winter Release, continues. The dates for this month are the weekends of January 13-14 and January 20-21. During the cycle, participants will learn the basics of contemporary dance, combining them with elements of somatic methods (Feldenkrais, BMC, Yoga), including improvisational skills. The goal is to achieve ease, softness, and fluidity of movement, both in contact with the floor and in space through carefully structured body sequences. The workshop is open to anyone interested in experiencing floorwork, getting to know or discovering a new way of body movement, or a different understanding of dance. The workshop will be led by Kristina Lovrić.

At the end of the month, during the weekend of January 27-28, the Cirkus Kolektiv will conduct a contortionism workshop for beginners. This is a circus skill involving extreme flexibility (commonly known as contortion). The workshop includes warm-up exercises, basic handstands, headstands, and elbow stands, as well as stretching exercises (active and passive flexibility). The workshop will be led by Jozica Javorčić.

From the rich educational program, we also highlight: Edukido education with LEGO bricks (January 10, 24, 31), Year-round Alternation Seminar (January 12, 19, 26), Sundays at Six: Social Dance Workshops (January 14, 21, 28), Cycle 4 / Awareness and Movement: Spiral Flow (January 21), Youth Activities (January 20, 27).

After a short winter break, on Friday, January 19, the Kocka club will reopen its doors, and the first program for this year is "Prednjačenje" a program that brings techno to trap music. The next day, on Saturday, January 20, local aces Sila nečista and Buža will take Kocka's stage with punk rock/ska/rock'n'roll sounds that will bring back youth to the old and madness to the young. At the end of the month (Friday, January 26), listen to the well-known rockers - Splitters, who performed at Dora and will perform again this year with their original song "Otkad te sanjam." Alongside them on stage will be the favorite alt-rock band La Volpe. On Saturday, January 27, the HC Punk program "Otpor Ulice" brings the Karlovac crew: Left to Starve and Drown. Left to Starve blends punk and heavy doom metal sounds, while Drown's sound ranges from alternative and punk to grunge.

On Saturday, January 25, in the gallery of the Kocka club, another Repair Workshop will be held, where clothing and electronic devices are repaired together, as well as anything else that can be repaired materially or immaterially for each other. On the same day as the Repair Workshop, Kocka is organizing the well-known Bazaar, where used items are exchanged. You can come and find something suitable with a donation.

This is just a part of the program until the end of January, and the entire program is available on the website and on the Facebook and Instagram profiles of the Youth Center. There, you will find all the details on how to apply to participate in the workshops.

Photos: Damira Kalajžić, Vanessa Barač, PDM

More info about events in January: Facebook, Instagram and web site of Youth center.