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Creative Hub Prostor - January Program

Creative Hub Prostor - January Program

Location: Culture hub Prostor (Plančićeva 2)

Duration: January 1 - 31 2024



Creative storytelling workshop with children's author Jelena Pervan.

The storytelling workshop is intended for students in grades 3 to 5 of elementary school (but second graders who are already comfortable with writing and love creating stories are also welcome).

The workshop fee is 12 euros, payable upon arrival, and all materials for the workshop will be provided in the Space. Mandatory registrations for the workshop can be made by email at

LITTLE STOP ANIMATION SCHOOL - January 17 and January 24
In stop animation workshops, children will learn the basics of animation based on visual material. Techniques used for stop animation include collages and drawings that children create beforehand. Ideas are developed through discussion, which then turn into mini digital animations. Workshop leaders are Alen Marić and Bruno Dubravec.

The workshops are intended for children from 1st to 4th grade of elementary school.

It is possible to sign up for just one workshop, but it is recommended that participants attend both workshops for a fuller experience.

The price for a single workshop is 5 euros, and registrations are accepted until the places are filled at (please include the child's name, surname, and age in the application).

Under the guidance of Tatjana Kostrenčić Janković, children will have the opportunity to create their unique items using the technique of wool felting.

Workshops are held in two groups:

 First group: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
 Second group: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Workshops are intended for children aged 5 to 12. The workshop fee is 15 euros, and all materials are included in the price.

To participate in the workshops, it is necessary to sign up at +098/699-434 or via email at


What to expect?

No instructor. It is essential to be familiar with the basics of handcrafting techniques (pinching or coiling).

Encouragement of knowledge sharing. Share your tips, tricks, or things you've learned with other participants and provide feedback to each other.

The workshop lasts 3 hours (6-9 PM). Feel free to come later or leave earlier during that time.

You can make whatever you want and as many items as you want. The size of each item must not exceed the capacity of our ceramic kiln (in case you want your work to be fired).

During the three-hour workshop, you can create and paint your items.

Price: 15 euros (all materials for work + tea and coffee included). Feel free to bring your drink.

Additional: 5 euros (if you want your items glazed and fired).

Limited seating is available, and reservations are required at

At the first KineDok screening in 2024, we present the documentary "Sacred Dilemma," a story about a priest torn between his religious calling and family life.

About the film: Robi is a caring, educated, and devoted 37-year-old priest in a rural community in Hungary. The community leader who is loved and respected by all. But he is also a partner and father of three young children. Celibacy prevents him from fulfilling growing family obligations, so Robi faces a tough decision: leave the priesthood, risking the community's breakdown, or lead a family life in secret?

Duration: 81 minutes
Language (subtitles): Croatian & English
You can watch the trailer for the film on link

In partnership with KineDok, we present a selection from this year's film catalog in the Prostor gallery starting from September 2023 until April 2024. KineDok cycle screenings are free and open to the public, but as the number of seats is limited, reservation is required via the provided link.


ART MEET-UP / Opportunities for Artists: Education, Funding, and Mobility - January 31

Opportunities for Artists: Education, Funding, and Mobility

Through years of work with artists, we have recognized the challenges they face in finding and systematically tracking opportunities for professional development and capacity building, monitoring trends, and opportunities for work in the cultural and creative sector, including opportunities for residencies or participation in international projects.

As an organization that also implements numerous European projects mostly focused on artists and their internationalization, we organize this meet-up to present existing opportunities and resources, especially those created as part of the project "Podcast - Employ Yourself in Culture" (Erasmus+), but also to enable networking and potential new collaborations.

On this occasion, we will also host a group of artists from all over Croatia with whom we are currently collaborating as part of one of the international projects we are implementing.

The event is organized in a hybrid format, in the Space and partially via the Zoom platform. Participation in the Space does not require registration, but for online participation, registration is required.


We invite artists to apply for a residency stay at Prostor (use of studio and residence for 3 weeks) in April 2024, as part of the Geometries (learnings) program line.

The theme of Geometries (learnings) relates to theories of knowledge acquisition and production, which often include unlearning and relearning as important processes of decolonization. Geometry in mathematics refers to a branch that originally studies the position, shape, and properties of geometric bodies in space and their mutual relationship. Indirectly referring to space, we want to mark forms of knowledge acquisition and sharing and relationships of individuals found in this process with this term. Some of the questions we want to explore are: In what ways do we acquire knowledge and how do we produce it? Who participates in this process, how do we share knowledge, and what influences it? Moving away from traditional didactic methods and terminology, we want to explore ways of learning (and unlearning) in art and through artistic practices, how it manifests, and multiplies.

The residency is open to visual, inter- and trans-disciplinary artists from Croatia or with residence in Croatia, whose practices and/or proposed projects refer to the mentioned concept, and the selected artist will have travel costs, accommodation, and a fee of 600 euros covered.

Details of the Public Call are available at this link, and applications are accepted until January 31 via the form.

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