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Location: Loggia, Center for Culture and Lifelong Learning Zlatna Vrata (Dioklecijanova 7)

Duration: September 21 - October 13, 2023



Organizers: Croatian Association of Visual Artists - Split (HULU-Split) and Center for Culture and Lifelong Learning Zlatna Vrata


After a summer break, HULU and the Center for Culture and Lifelong Learning Zlatna Vrata continue their collaboration in the field of contemporary art with the project "Guerilla Gourmet" by multimedia artist Lina Kovačević. The exhibition opens on Thursday, September 21 at 8:00 PM in the exhibition space of Loggia and can be viewed until October 13, 2023. As part of the exhibition opening, a performance by the artist is planned. The exhibition curator is Olga Majcen Linn. Admission is free.


"In the artistic context, guerrilla actions are associated with street art, performance, activist art, and imply unconventional, unauthorized, and sometimes disturbing performances. Guerrilla performances and artistic works often have the aesthetic characteristics of ad hoc preparation and rapid street performance followed by an escape. For artist and designer Lina Kovačević, the form of rebellion is speculative design, and the actions she carries out in public spaces are complemented by objects - elaborated objects of desire designed for that purpose, completely diverging from guerrilla aesthetics. But even more intriguing is the expected result of rebellion - which is the realization of closeness."

(from the preface by Olga Majcen Linn)


About the artist: Lina Kovačević works in new media, images, and objects. She was born in Zagreb, graduated from the School of Design in Zagreb, and earned her master's degree from Central St. Martins School of Art and Design in London. She has exhibited at domestic and international exhibitions such as the Milan Triennale, Paris Design Week, London Design Week, and has performed as a veejay at festivals like Club Transmediale in Berlin and Contact Europe in Vienna.


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