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 Location: Youth Center

Duration July 1st - 31, 2023.



Guide to Events at Youth Center in July: Workshops, Gatherings, Flea Market, Exhibitions, ...


July starts with the twelfth edition of the SMOTRA Kino Club Split. On Saturday, July 1st, films produced and co-produced by the club in the previous year will be presented, including over ten works and several exercises created during the workshops held at Kino Club Split in 2022. As part of the program, an exhibition of analog photographs titled "In Deep Green" by Ivana Papić will also open at 6 pm in the hallway of Kino Club Split.


On the same day, a panel discussion on the impact of mariculture on the marine environment will take place. Graduated students from  Ecology and Marine Conservation and Marine Fisheries at the University Department of Marine Studies in Split conducted research. Result of monitoring marine will present debris and the water quality at fish farms. Additionally, experts from the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, the University of Split, and the association Sunce will share their knowledge. Join in and learn something new about marine ecosystem protection and sustainable use of the sea as a food source.


The dance workshop "Floorwork with Sunčica Bandić" will be held Saturday and Sunday at Beton Kino. Workshop participants will learn to integrate functional and economic principles of body control into their movements. Through methodically connected exercises, they will reach a final dance sequence where they can showcase their acquired skills.


However, that's not the only dance workshop this July, as, on July 14th, renowned Slovenian swing dancer and teacher Nejc Zupan will teach the basics of Lindy Hop, the most popular swing dance. After the workshop, there will be a dance event where you can practice and apply your newly acquired skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, this workshop is for anyone who loves dance and wants to explore the world of swing.


From July 4th to 8th, the Edukido Kids' Summer Camp will take place. It is an educational and entertaining program with different exciting themes and workshops, with each day being thematically adapted and led by experts. In addition to STEM activities, the child's creative approach will not be neglected.


Save Tuesday, July 11th, for the Activist's Bazaar at the Kocka Club. The newly established "flea market" offers everything from clothing, books, dishes, decorations, footwear, and jewelry, to vinyl records and cassettes. The principle is simple: take and carry! Everyone is welcome, and any monetary donations that visitors wish to leave will be donated by the organizer, the Activist Association, to the Juraj Bonači Center for Education and Care - Department for providing extramural social services (early intervention).


During July, make sure to visit two exhibitions as well. Lee Anić's exhibition "Construction Time: Yellow Earth" will open on Thursday, July 6th, at 8 pm at the MKC Gallery. Lee Anić's multimedia ambient installation, created in the astonishing MKC Gallery, is composed of audio recordings, analog slide projections, and found objects placed within the space. The second exhibition will open in the other gallery space of the Youth Center, the Kocka Club Gallery. The opening of Marynka Dovhanych's exhibition "Wrath and Sorrow" will be on July 13th at 8 pm.


We also highlight the Badge Making Workshop and Bitcherin Party, starts on Saturday, July 29th, from 6 pm in the Courtyard of the Kocka Club. At the Badge Making Workshop, Ivana Armanini, a comic artist and micro-publisher from Zagreb, will teach interested individuals how to create badges. Within the given circular format of a regular badge, you will have the opportunity to design inclusive messages and drawings. The workshop is part of Bitcherina, a party for the LGBTIQ community.


The entire program is available on the website, as well as on the Facebook and Instagram profiles of the Youth Center, where you can find all the details on how to sign up for workshops.