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"Croatian Adriatic Bathing Site Heritage" - a guest exhibition of the Croatian Museum of Tourism from Opatija

Opening: Thursday, July 28, 2022, at 8:00 p.m. - Croatian Maritime Museum Split (Glagoljaša 18, Gripe Fortress)
It is related to the development of tourism, which is closely associated to the construction of beaches in Croatia, with an emphasis on Opatija as the cradle of domestic tourism.
This exhibition of the Croatian Museum of Tourism from Opatija offers a cross-section of the very beginnings of the baths created on the Adriatic coast, as well as the thoughtful efforts of the then Director General of the Southern Railways Friedrich Julius Schüler who with huge investments realized the plan of creating a climatic health resort and sea bath in Opatija. He counted on the increased number of users of the services of the newly built railway on the route Vienna – Rijeka – Vienna.
The sea bathing buildings that we have today are an indispensable part of urban architecture and urbanism of tourist places. The first sea baths were built by the most famous architects of the time, with careful and appropriate organization in terms of planning transport connections and building tourist resources. Joint-stock companies are established for the construction of spas and baths, followed by companies for landscaping and beautification of places, which encourage scientific research that proves the benefits of a particular climate and place. Bathing areas are located on the littoral or directly in the sea in extremely exposed positions, so they are subjected to rapid devastation under the influence of the sea. Baths were also being built, which we can still see on the Adriatic coast, made of stone and wood. Everything was built in accordance with conservation conditions and care for the preservation of cultural and natural heritage.
For visiting Split, the exhibition was enriched with photographs of the first Split bathing facilities, as well as a catalog in Croatian and English in which the author deals with the origin and development of Split bathing facilities.
The installation of the exhibits in Split took place in cooperation with the State Archives in Split, and the exhibition will remain open until October 1, 2022.