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Un Loup pour l'Homme: Passing Swiftly (work-in-progress)

Un Loup pour l'Homme: Passing Swiftly (work-in-progress)


ROOM 100 invites you to the presentation of the work-in-progress presentation of contemporary circus performance "Passing Swiftly" this Saturday, April 23th at noon in the Amphitheater of the rowing sport club " Gusar" (Spinutska ulica 69, 21000 Split), their new circus location in Split.


"Passing Swiftly" is a new production by our dear guests, the French acrobatic collective Un Loup pour l'Homme, whose performances you had the opportunity to watch in 2019 and 2021. The authors and performers of the new production are Špela Vodeb (Slovenia) and Christine Daigle (Canada), who came to the world of the contemporary circus from contemporary dance. As in previous performances, the focus of the new production is exploring the limits of acrobatic bodies, changing roles, the complexity of trust between performers, and getting out of the comfort zone ...


The entrance is free!


The performance and residency are part of the "PASSING SWIFTLY / Un Loup pour l’Homme tour - residencies, performances, workshops in Croatia and Slovenia / April 2022" which is supported by Teatroskop, a program initiated by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, French Ministry of Culture, and Institut français Paris.

The performance and residency are part of the annual program of HALA 100 - a residency venue for contemporary circus managed by ROOM 100, which is realized with the financial support of the Culture Foundation Nova and the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.