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Location: Prostor (Plančićeva 2, 21000 Split)
Elena Štrok: Baby Universe / Organizer: Culture Hub Croatia
Vernissage and performance: September 10th, 8:30 PM
Exhibition is on view until October 8th. The gallery is open from Monday to Friday, 10AM-7PM.
"A performative epic fairytale Baby Universe is based on the foundations of ancient ideals, embodied through a simple story in figures of planets faced with the threat of their own mortality. The generally almighty gods / planets found themselves in a situation that they no longer have absolute control, regardless of their martial, thoughtful and other skills. The instinct in each of them arouses the weaknesses they normally effortlessly control. The solution is brought by Pluto, the deity to whom death is not an unknown term, and in whose words a tranquil thought which encloses the analysis. The final outcome remains unknown. The work symbolically foreshadows the equilibration of opposites, reconciliation of archetypes, appreciation and calibration necessary  to all of us at a certain point. Returning to ''their homes'', all of the planets will draw from Pluto’s words what they wish and are able to. With a dash of humour, Baby Universe becomes a memento mori, with an emphasis on a positive, not so burdened perception of mortality." (Elena Štrok)
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