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Location: Photo Club Split (Marmontova 5, 21000 Split)
Opening: Friday, August 6, at 08:00 p.m.
A large retrospective exhibition of Joško Duplančić from Split will open on Friday, August 6, at 20:00 in the Photo Gallery of the Photo Club Split.
The exhibition entitled "The Deaf Age" refers to the fact that Duplančić remained deaf at a very young age, but this did not prevent him from actively and successfully participating in the social and cultural life of the city of Split in the war and postwar years of World War II.
The exhibition was organized in honor of her grandfather by art historian Katarina Duplančić, who tried to present two aspects of her grandfather's life and work through the exhibition concept. The first aspect combines photographs taken during the devastation and political manipulations of World War II. The photos preserve the memory of the inhumanity created by fear and greed. The second part of the exhibition focuses on photographs by which Duplančić chronicles a city - Split shipyard, streets where children play, tiramoles where clothes are dried, cheerful and subtle scenes that testify to the strength of the human spirit to endure suffering, destruction, and loss. The exhibition also includes the third part, in which Katarina Duplančić wants to bring visitors closer to the way of working, the development of technology and photography over the years, showing her grandfather's rich legacy of various photographic equipment.
The exhibition takes place with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Split, and you can see it until September 4.
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