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The Science Festival is an event that aims to bring science closer to the public, during which scientists and students contribute to the popularization of science and motivate young people to research and acquire new knowledge through popular lectures, workshops, forums, exhibitions, and other events.

The Science Festival will promote scientific principles and the scientific way of thinking. The target group of the Science Festival is always children because through the promotion of science the goal is to intrigue them, encourage them to study the environment and the world, and inspire some of them to want to do science. But so far, all editions of the Science Festival of the University of Split have included many activities for all ages, from kindergarten children and primary and secondary school students to the general population.
Despite numerous challenges, the Science Festival will not be absent this year either and will take place from May 10 to May 15 on the topic of Culture of Science. Despite the ubiquity of the term culture of science, it does not have a unique meaning. In the Anglo-Saxon dialect, this term means to describe the understanding of science by the public, so the term scientific literacy is often used as the culture of science.
The festival program is available HERE.
More about the festival is available on the website of the University of Split -