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Location: Judino Drvo Club (Kopilica 24, 21000 Split)
In the last year, due to the epidemiological situation in Croatia, the Judino Drvo club has been restricted from working as a nightclub. Judino Drvo is not only a nightclub but a cultural and educational center that gave life to the outskirts of the city of Split.
The small and successful theater stage "Theater at the End of the City" sold out 17 plays in the 40 days since its opening.
The Underground Control collective behind the Judino Drvo clubEgo Free Festivaland the Barbarian Island of Love event invites you to unite to save the Judino Drvo club. So, the Underground Control collective organizes the humanitarian event Judin Jam - for culture, youth, movement, growth, and Judino Drvo's salvation.
The event will take place online, and detailed information is available on