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Location: Club Zona (Jerina 1, 21000 Split)

Duration: Tuesday, November 24 - Monday, December 7
An exhibition of works by the young artist Flora Kliškić from Brač will open on Tuesday, November 24, at 7:00 p.m. in the Zona Club. The exhibition "Indulgence" is realized in the cycle of exhibitions of the authors of the younger generation "Young people exhibit"and will be open until December 7.
- I want to capture light, feelings, and emotions in the pictures. As a starting point, I choose a motif, most often a portrait, a person, or an animal. I use different techniques because each color structure or shape brings different emotions - explains the young author for whom this is her second solo exhibition. She inherited the art from her father, and in Supetar, they run a business together that includes the sale of paintings, wall painting services, graphic design, production of advertisements and murals, and the so-called street art.