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Location: Museum of Fine Art (Kralja Tomislava 15, 21000 Split)

Duration: Thursday, November 19 - Sunday, December 13
Tanja Deman / HORIZON
The horizon, according to conventional wisdom, represents the physical line beyond which lies the expanse of the “great unknown”. For seafarers, who were guided by the idea that the Earth is round, and who have since the mid-15th century been discovering and colonizing the world for the West, it represented a constantly receding boundary that promised rich unspoiled worlds. For those who believe the Earth is flat, the horizon represents the end followed by a precipitous fall into nothingness. For astronomers, the event horizon is a dividing line where, after falling into a Black hole, physical laws that define our known space-time continuum, cease to exist. For us Dalmatians, including Tanja Deman, who are blessed with a coastline adorned with strings of islands, the horizon represents an encounter with infinity towards which one must travel. To encounter it, Tanja Deman travelled to the craggy islet of Palagruža, the furthermost solid point in our territorial waters, which like some archetypal stone ship occupies in our consciousness the mythical position of Ultima Thule, the last foothold at the edge of the known world.
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